5 Celebrities With Amazing Juicing Stories!

Juicing Stories

Juicing Stories – Find Out What The Rich And Famous Juice!

It official! even Hollywood is gone juicing crazy! but who’s juicing and what

are their favorite juices? Here we look at 5 top celebrities, and delve into there

juicing stories to see why they juice, and what benefits it brings to there eventful lives!

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5 Celebrity Juicing Stories: Which A-Listers Have Got Incredible Results From Juicing?

From skin-clearing strawberries to toxin-destroying tomatoes, fruit and vegetable juices are the sure-fire way to revolutionize your health. Loads of celebrities are getting in one the action too, with several A-listers revealing their super-successful juicing stories. Here are five juicing stories that you need to hear about!


1. Alicia Silverstone


Actress Alicia Silverstone has said that buying a simple juicer is an excellent way to get started – and you could save money in the process! One of her favorite juices? Carrot, apple, lemon, and ginger combined – a healthy beverage that can provide your body with the vitamins and nutrition that you need. Lemon, in particular, contains plenty of vitamin C, which can help heal wounds and cuts and give your immune system a boost if you’re not feeling well. Try it today and see for yourself!


2. Gwyneth Paltrow


Looking for celebrity juicing stories? The Hollywood superstar has long been an advocate of healthy eating and has included a delicious green juice recipe in her cookbook “It’s All Good”. Full of ingredients like apple, kale, ginger and lemon, this juice can be used to remove toxins from your body and flush out any nasty chemicals that have built up in your system over the last few years. Kale, in particular, is a superfood that can help to cleanse the skin and help you lose weight. Paltrow says she detoxes a couple of times a year.


3. Salma Hayek


Salma Hayek has appeared in countless big-budget Hollywood movies but did you know that cleansing has maintained her general health? Hayek started her own juicing company called Cooler Cleanse and has gone on the record to say that she juices as a way to stay healthy and as motivation to eat better foods. This is one of our favorite juicing stories! The actress says that cleansing is like “meditation” and helps her to focus and think about the foods she consumes. You can do the same – and it’s a lot easier than you think. If you’re serious about juicing, all you need is a blender to get started!


4. Ed Sheeran


Here’s one of those juicing stories that might surprise you! The British music superstar might be used to having #1 hits around the world, but did you know that he’s a fan of juices? The singer told a British newspaper that he likes to consume juices when on the road to provide his body with the nutrition that he needs. As juices are quick to prepare, you too can incorporate them into your diet without any fuss. Just choose a few ingredients that you like, search for the best recipes, and then create your own juices at home with a blender. Yes, it’s that simple!


5. Julia Stiles

julie stiles

Here’s the last in our list of juicing stories! The actress Julia Stiles has also talked about juicing and the effect it has on her. Stiles said that the benefits of juicing extends beyond weight loss and even provided her with mental clarity; she now cleanses whenever she feels “overloaded” or wants to give her body a break. If you feel like you need to recharge your system, juicing can be a great way to get started!