5 Incredible Vegetable Juicing Recipes!

Vegetable Juicing Recipes
┬áVegetable Juicing Recipes – How Can I Look Younger And Feel More Healthy?

Green vegetable juices have become enormously popular for losing weight, detoxing

your body, having clearer skin and generally improving our health. There are tons of

combinations of the green superfood vegetables we can juice, and there all incredibly healthy for us.

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5 Amazing Vegetable Juicing Recipes That Will Dazzle You!

Are you looking for healthy vegetable juicing recipes? You’ve come to the right place. From spinach to carrots, cucumbers to beetroot, here are 5 amazing vegetable juicing recipes for weight loss, flu, and energy levels.

1. The Immune System Booster

Fighting the flu? Try this cold-curer, which is jam-packed full of vitamin C and immune system-boosting antioxidants. For this recipe, you’ll need five medium carrots, half a lemon, five peppermint leaves, and half a pineapple (though you might want to chop up the carrots and pineapple into smaller chunks before you place them into your blender!).

Blend the pineapple, carrots, and lemon into the blender and once done pour the juice into a tall glass. Garnish the beverage with the peppermint taste for an extra minty taste. You’ll love making vegetable juicing recipes like this one!

2. The Super Energizer

If you’re struggling to stay awake in the morning, this recipe is for you. It contains broccoli so your body will get all the vitamin C it needs. You need one stick of broccoli and five carrots. Chop both up into small pieces and place the ingredients into a blender. Pour into a glass of ice.

3. The Appetite Destroyer

This green juice is perfect if you’re trying to lose weight. It contains calorie-dense ingredients that will keep you feeling satisfied and prevent you from snacking in-between meals. To prepare the juice, you need two medium green apples, one avocado, one cucumber, half a lemon, one large orange, and our vegetable of choice – beetroot.

Chop up the beetroot, apples and avocado into smaller pieces, removing the core and pips. Peel the orange and chop up the cucumber. Place all ingredients into the blender except for the lemon. Once you’re done, chop the lemon into slices and place one or two in the juice. This is one of the easiest vegetable juicing recipes to prepare!

4. The Green Smile

Looking for the best vegetable juicing recipes? Berries contain more than their fair share of antioxidants and can boost your immune system, clear your skin, and improve your oral health (that’s why we’re calling this recipe The White Smile!). The vegetable we’re using here is spinach (a handful of leaves is all you need)!

You also need a generous helping of strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, and raspberries for this recipe. Your measurements don’t have to be exact but aim for a heaped handful of each fruit. Place the ingredients into a blender and serve over crushed ice.

5. The Beet Treat

This is one of our favorite vegetable juicing recipes! The principle ingredient of this recipe is beetroot, which can increase blood flow and lower blood pressure. You’ll need one large beetroot, half a lemon, and half-a-thumb of ginger root (beware: put too much in and it’ll overpower the beetroot!). Place the ginger and beetroot into the blender and once done pour into a glass. Chop the lemon into slices and place one or two in the beverage.