5 Juicing Celebrities – What Do They Love To Juice?

juicing celebrities

Juicing Celebrities – Has It Become a Craze With The Famous?

Juicing has become popular in some celebrity circles, and is becoming more

and more popular as time goes on. Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Silverstone and

Russell Simmons are just a few that have hit the juicing craze, and soon

it will become as common as a morning cup of coffee!

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5 Juicing Celebrities That You Need To Know About!

You probably know about the health benefits of juicing by now. You might, however, be surprised at how many people consume natural juices on a daily basis – including some of your favorite stars. Here are 5 juicing celebrities that you need to know about.

1. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

One of our favorite juicing celebrities? Rosie Huntington-Whiteley! The model and actress once revealed that her perfect juice would be kale, apple, cucumber, celery and a squeeze of lemon and that she makes her own juice at home every day. Rosie said that juicing makes a real difference to her body, and she feels less guilty if she doesn’t eat five fruits and vegetables every day.

2. Juicing celebrities: Salma Hayek

The Hollywood superstar is next on our list of juicing celebrities and is such as fan of juices that she started her own company, called Cooler Cleanse. The actress says that she’s motivated to eat healthier after doing a juice cleanse and that a cleanse helps her to stop, focus, and think about the foods she’s putting into her body. Want to create fresh juices of your own? It’s simple! All you need is to prepare your ingredients and purchase a juicer, before serving your juice into a tall glass of crushed ice.

3. Fergie

The next person on our list of juicing celebrities is The Black Eyed Peas singer and actress Fergie, who got into juicing after her husband Josh Duhamel tried it, and since then, she’s become a super-fan. She says that she loves the energy that juicing gives her and now she drinks fresh juices between meals and when she wakes up. Fergie even says that she hardly needs caffeine anymore. Her favorite ingredients? Broccoli, celery, banana, spinach and kale!

4. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie has called herself a “juice fanatic” in the past and says that she is always carrying around a green juice which provides her with the energy she needs. Green juices, in particular, can be beneficial for the body because of the amount of nutrition that’s packed into each serving. They can help you to lose weight, improve the skin, and improve your general health. Give them a try!

5. Megan Gale

The final person on our list of juicing celebrities is the Australian model and actress Megan Gale. Her favorite ingredients include apple, mint, and spinach, and she even adds some passionfruit to give her juices an extra zing! You too can be creative when it comes to juicing, and can experiment with different fruits and vegetables.
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