Juicing For Allergies – Cure Them For Good!

juicing for allergies
Juicing For Allergies – Can Juicing Really Cure Them?

Having an allergy can be more than just a mere nuisance. If it’s severe enough, it can

seriously impact your life. Your allergies might be trigged by the weather, an external

reaction or just when you’re feeling under the weather. However, juicing with

different fruits and vegetables can have a big impact if you want to improve your condition.

Check out these juicing recipes on curing your allergies!

3 Fruits That Can Make You Feel Better If You Suffer With Allergies

Here are some of the best fruits if you are thinking about juicing for allergies. Of course, if you are sensitive to any of the fruits below, avoid them, especially if you think they will make your allergy worse.

1. Citrus Fruits

Hesperetin is a phytonutrient that has an anti-inflammatory effect and can even protect your blood vessels against damage. If you suffer from allergies, incorporating more food with into your diet can help lower cholesterol and leave you feeling healthier. Citrus fruits like oranges, lime and lemons contain hesperetin and are a good option if you’re juicing for allergies.

You’ll be able to mix these ingredients with other fruits like pineapple, melon and kiwi to create sweet snacks that you can enjoy all year round. Citrus fruits will provide you with a whole host of other benefits too. The vitamin C content can give you more energy and boost your immune system if you are feeling unwell. Studies also show that vitamin C can be beneficial for keeping your teeth and gums healthy.


2. Apples

Apples can be an excellent ingredient when juicing for allergies, especially as they contain an anti-inflammatory called quercetin, which can help to reduce allergy symptoms, improve lung function and blood pressure and even reduce your chances of developing conditions like heart disease.

Apples are also a great source of vitamins and minerals which can boost your immune system and provide you with more energy. If you are interested in juicing for allergies, mix two or three medium apples in a blender (green or red, it’s your choice!), pour into a glass and serve. Drink this beverage on a regular basis and see if your allergies improve over time.

3. Berries

Berries are another popular option when juicing for allergies. They contain a phytonutrient group called anthocyanins which are known for having anti-inflammatory properties and reducing allergies. Whether you want to mix strawberries, blueberries or raspberries, creating your own berry juices is a great way to alleviate the side effects associated with allergies such as a headache, a stuffed nose and sneezing. Berries are one of the best ingredients when juicing for allergies!