Juicing For Colds And Flu To Feel Incredible!

Juicing For Colds

Juicing For Colds – What Juices Can Keep Me Healthy All Winter?

Healthy fruits, vegetables and super-foods can boost your immune system,

give you more energy and fight nasty infections. Here we look at five great

recipes when juicing for colds so you can stay healthy all through the cold winter.

Check out this great juice to cure colds and flu!

5 Juicing Recipes To Fight Colds And Flu!

1. Tangerine, Lemon & Lime

This citrus cocktail is the perfect flu-banisher and contains only three ingredients – all of which are rich in vitamin C. This immune booster can work wonders if you’re feeling under the weather and can leave you feeling healthier and happier in no time at all. If you’re juicing for colds, try this simple recipe. You need two small tangerines, one medium lemon and one medium lime. Start off by peeling the tangerines and placing them to one side. Next, chop up the lemon and lime into slices. Throw in the tangerine and two or three lemon and lime slices into a blender and once you’re done, pour into a glass and serve!

2. Radishes

Juicing for colds? Try this recipe which contains only one key ingredient. Radish is a detoxifier and can aid with digestion. But that’s not all. This food is an excellent source of iron and can be used to eliminate colds. To create your own radish juice, remove the stems from six or seven small radishes (organic’s best!) and chop them up into smaller pieces. Next, place your radishes into a blender before serving into a tall glass of ice. Add a slice of lemon for some extra punch.

3. Spinach And Chard

If you’re juicing for colds, spinach and chard make a winning combination. Both contain lots of vitamin C, which can boost your immune system and leave you feeling better. This recipe is really simple and there are only a few steps involved. Start by washing your vegetables and then placing the spinach and chard into a blender once you have removed the stems. Serve in a tall glass with ice.

4. Cucumber And Kale

One of the worst things about being unwell is feeling dehydrated. Luckily, there are a number of super-foods that can help you out, including cucumber and kale – both water-soluble vegetables that are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. Chop up a cucumber and prepare your kale before placing in a blender. Serve in a tall glass. This is a great recipe when juicing for colds!

5. Wheatgrass And Tomato

Wheatgrass is rich in chlorophyll, which can help to fight infection. Combine it with tomato in this beverage. Start by chopping two or three small tomatoes and throw them in a blender. If you’re juicing for colds, Add the wheatgrass, mix well and then serve. Drink this recipe on a regular basis to replenish your system and hydrate your body.