Juicing With Frozen Fruit – Is It Just As Good?

Juicing With Frozen Fruit
Is Juicing With Frozen Fruit Good For You?

Firstly, the whole idea of juicing is to get the fresh nutrients and enzymes from

the produce you’re juicing, and freezing destroys about two thirds of the nutrients

in fresh foods. Secondly, freezing ruptures the cell membranes of the produce, and

changes the consistency so that the juicing yield would probably not be that high.

The advantages of juicing with frozen fruit is it is convenient and cheaper, which

sometimes is an important aspect.

Here we look at the advantages & disadvantages of juicing frozen fruit!

Juicing With Frozen Fruit: Is It Worth It?

If you know anything about juicing, you’ve probably been told to use only fresh ingredients when creating your homemade juicing recipes. But what about juicing with frozen fruit? Is it just as good or nowhere near the same? Let’s find out!

Frozen vs. Fresh

Fresh fruits and vegetables that are locally sourced are traditionally used in juices, but let’s face it: sometimes these ingredients can be expensive. Juicing with frozen fruit can provide you with an alternative that won’t break the bank – and it can taste just as good. What’s more, you can opt for frozen produce when fresh fruit is out of season or difficult to source in your local area.

Are Nutrients lost?

Fruit is always fantastic. In fact, you should exercise caution when choosing products. Make sure that fresh fruit is in individual pieces in the packaging rather than in one larger piece. Fruits should also be free from any additives or extra ingredients too (so always check the packaging really carefully!).

The Downside

You’ll have to allow for extra time for the frozen fruit to thaw before you use it in your blender, which might be a nuisance for many; however, planning ahead can save you a lot of time and hassle. You can then use them in the same way as you would with fresh produce – chopping, coring, or washing as you would normally do! Try juicing with frozen fruit for yourself and see if you prefer it!