Juicing vs Smoothies – Whats The Best For Weight Loss!

Juicing vs Smoothies

Are You A Juicer or a Smoothie Maker And What’s Best When? What is the difference between juicing and Smoothies for weight loss? Juicing takes the pulp out of fruit and vegetables and Smoothies keep themĀ in. Here we look at what works for you best for you to lose that excess weight! Check out this […]

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How To Make Delicious Water Melon Juice!

juicing water melon

Let’s Have Fun With Fabulous Water Melon Juice! Water Melon is one of the most alkaline fruits on the planet and Great for Juicing and making delicious smoothies Another great addition to living a very healthy life Making Wonderful Water Melon Juice! To make watermelon juice, all you need is the fruit and a good […]

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