Start Juicing With A 7 Day Juice Plan!

Start Juicing

Lets Start JuicingĀ And Feeling Fantastic!

For a lot of people the idea of introducing juicing into there diet is a good idea,

but were do you start, and what are the best things to juice anyway?

Lets look at a 7 day plan to get you in the mood, and give you a lot more energy for your busy days!

Here’s some great tips if your starting out juicing

How to Start a 7-Day Juice Plan…

Looking to drop a dress size? Improve your digestive system? Give your body a boost? Your 7-day juice plan is the start of a brand new YOU. Although you won’t experience dramatic weight loss in such a short period, juicing for a week can be a great way to kick-start a new healthy lifestyle, and you’ll feel more energized in just a week from now. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, let’s start juicing!

Here’s What You’ll Need:
A good juicer and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. We’ll tell you the ingredients you need below…

MONDAY: Carrot and Orange Juice

What better way to start the week than some fresh carrot and orange juice? Jam packed full of goodness, this juice provides you with two-thirds of your recommended daily amount of vitamin C in just one serving.

TUESDAY: Green Celery and Parsley Juice

People often fear the green stuff when they start juicing. But despite popular belief, green juices don’t taste as bad as you might think – it’s all about which veggies you use.

WEDNESDAY: Spinach and Cucumber Juice

Also known as the “Power Up Punch”, this juice is combines spinach and cucumber – two ingredients which can provide your body with a much-needed energy boost. Perfect for a pre-workout snack.

THURSDAY: Apple, Pineapple, and Kiwi Juice

This one’s a must if you’re a fan of sweet fruit, with plenty of disease-fighting antioxidants found in here. Apples in particular have been shown to reduce chronic diseases such as dementia and type 2 diabetes.

FRIDAY: Kale, Spinach, Cucumber and Celery Juice

Another green juice which not only tastes great, but is ideal for those who want to start juicing. The celery in particular contains a compound called apigenin – which can help to prevent cancer.

SATURDAY: Beet, Carrot, and Apple Juice

One of our absolute favorites, this juice is low in calories and full of wholesomeness. You’ll also get loads of vitamin A from the carrots – a crunchy orange superfood that can improve your skin and prevent aging.

SUNDAY: Strawberry Blueberry and Cucumber Juice

This is a healthy, nutritious, and downright delicious super juice. Strawberries have loads of health benefits, and have been shown to fight off life-threatening illnesses like cancer and heart disease. Blueberries are a wonderful anti-toxin to cleanse the body.This is the perfect way to end the week if you want to start juicing.