Wana Know What His Favorite Juice Is?…

Favorite Juice

Saturday Is A Great Day to ReStart On That Detox!

Ok so its the weekend, and you just don’t fancy sticking to that great juicing

diet you’ve been doing all week. Stop… just reach for those veggies and fruit

and stick them in the blender and make Saturday… “Juicing day”

Check out what her favorite juice is!

And i thought carrots and celery got on?..

favorite juice


So what is Your Favorite Juice?

Juicing can be great fun and there are so many combinations of juice and smoothies to choose from, and combine together.

The Morning Rush

A particular favorite juice of mine in the morning is the delicious green juice. A mixture of celery, spinach, cucumber and kale gives you all the energy you’ll need for that busy morning ahead. It also brings a carming to the stomach , an almost silent digestion that take place and makes you feel peaceful all over.

The Afternoon Buzz

Well if that delicious green juice is great for the morning what’s the best juice for the afternoon, when your energy starts to lag.
Bring on the “Berry Bonanza” That anti-toxin detox drink that tastes a dream and is so good for. My combination is as follows:
Ok lets start with a bunch of blueberries, red and white grapes, some gorgeous  blackberries, and of course it wouldn’t be the same without our favorite wimbledon friend , the good old strawberry.

The Evening Wind Down

Ok so you’ve had a really healthy day with you green morning rush, and your afternoon buzz so what next?
I love to finish the day with a favorite juice of mine, the banana peach apple and pear smoothie. This truly is so delicious, and is a great way to finish the day with a real treat, and just look how many nutritious things you’ve had throughout the day!

There you have it!… a complete days worth of goodness, and now you ready to do anything, as long as you keep up all the good work the next days ahead 🙂