10 Benefits of Juicing for 2019

Make 2019 your best year yet by incorporating more fruit and veggies into your diet. Banish the winter blues, improve digestion, promote clearer skin and even encourage weight loss when you swap fatty, processed foods for nature’s finest ingredients. Here are some of the benefits of juicing that you need to know about this year.

1. Prevent heart disease

One of the world’s largest killers, heart disease is something to take seriously. However, incorporating fruits like apricots into your diet can work wonders, especially because this superfood contains a high beta-carotene content which can help to shield LDL cholesterol from the oxidation process.

2. Clean up your skin

Citrus fruits like lemon and lime work as astringents, helping to clean up your skin if you suffer from acne. Just one of the many benefits of juicing, fruits and vegetables can leave your complexion brighter, clearer and full of vitality.

3. Lose weight

Choosing vegetables like sweet potatoes can help you with your weight loss goals. These superfoods are filling and will curb any cravings you might have for sweet, sugary snacks. Looking for juicing benefits? Beat the bulge in 2016 and invest in a blender!

4. Boost energy

If you feel tired or lethargic, eat more blueberries. These small fruits contain micronutrients which convert into energy, giving you a much-needed boost whenever you need it most.

5. Keep your teeth and gums healthy

Impress your dentist with your pearly whites when you consume more fruits and vegetables. One of the benefits of juicing is an improvement in your oral hygiene, especially when you eat foods like broccoli which are rich in vitamin C.

6. Prevent cancer

Research has shown that some foods can reduce your chances of developing cancer later in life. One of these is carrots, which is packed full of beta-carotene and carotenoids. This is one of our favorite benefits of juicing!

7. Protect bone health

Your bones are fragile and need some TLC. Try chard juice, which is high in vitamin K – something that can prevent your bones from fracturing. This vegetable is also rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, making it a great go-to ingredient if you want to improve your overall health.

8. Prevent stroke

Studies have shown that melon can be beneficial in preventing stroke. Try natural melon juices on a regular basis to reduce the likelihood of developing life-threating diseases.

9. Improve your digestion

One of the benefits of juicing is that it can aid digestion, especially if you opt for ingredients like papayas. These are high in vitamin A and C and contain lots of potassium.

10. Get more fiber

The final entry on our benefits of juicing list is fiber, something that you probably need more of! Try consuming more pears, a great ingredient for juices.